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12 Best Backpacking Stove For The Money -Expert Reviews in [2020]

Are you going on a hiking trip to a place where Only portable stoves are allowed? Well, in that case, this list can be a life saviour for you. On the hiking trails dry wood, leaves are readily available so a wood-burning backpacking stove will be the first choice to come to your mind. Because every stove except wood burning stove will require you to carry extra fuel for burning, most importantly, these stoves are very lightweight and can be folded to place in your backpack.

Since there are many stoves available, why should a wood-burning stove be chosen? The backpacking wood stoves as the name suggest backpacking means they are small in size and can be flat folded, which makes them highly portable and easy transportation. It gives a better environment for outdoor cooking. Furthermore, It reduces the cost of fuel for burning as it uses the small planks of wood, dry leaves etc.

There is much different Best Backpacking Stove available regarding their sizes and quality. But choosing the best one at a reasonable price is quite a difficult task. We researched and tried many wood-burning stoves to share some of the best recommendations with you available today.
Check the list of Best Backpacking Stoves and keep scrolling down to see in-depth reviews of these backpacking stoves mentioned in the list.


The 12 Best Backpacking Stove

Unigear Wood Burning Camp Stoves Picnic BBQ Cooker/Potable Folding Stainless Steel Backpacking Stove :

Unigear Wood Burning Camp Stoves Picnic BBQ Cooker/Potable Folding Stainless Steel Backpacking StoveThis backpacking wood burning stove can be used not only for cooking purposes but also for barbecue.

Unigear stoves are designed in such a way that they can be folded in like a book shape to place in the backpack for easy transportation.

The dimension after packing is 18x16x2cm, which means it gives enough space in your bag for other things as well.

Also for those who love decent packing. As the name says, this uni gear stove is a wood-burning stove, but you can also use leaves, twigs, coal, gas and solid fuel tablets.

You only need to follow three steps to assemble the wood stove completely. Place the main body where you want to light the fire, on top of that insert the ash plate. Then fix the coal grill, and pot stands on the top respectively and enjoy the cooking.

Unigear provides the best quality in building the stoves as this stove could be used for a lifetime if used correctly because it is made by using the best steel which never corrodes. The stainless steel used in the cooking area offers perfect burning for a more extended period. Most importantly, Amazon also provides a six-month warranty in which you can claim if you meet any issue related to the product.

The weight of this stove is 1.54 pounds which is more substantial than Uberleben and KampMATE wood stoves, but it is still lighter than many others available. If you are looking for a high-quality wood stove from a not very popular brand and at an affordable price, You must try uni gear backpacking stove.

Solo Stove Lite – Portable Camping Hiking and Survival Stove | Powerful Efficient Wood Burning and Low Smoke | Gasification Rocket Stove for Quick Boil | Compact 4.2 Inches and Lightweight 9 Ounces :

Solo Stove Lite - Portable Camping Hiking and Survival StoveSolo Stove offers a lightweight wood-burning backpacking stove with organic fuels for combustion and eases to use while assembling. The weight for this burning stove is 14.4 ounces with its compact design which allows it to place in your backpack for easy transportation.

Within a few minutes, you can start your cooking on the stove.
Solo Stove provides the best design in such a way that the double wall in the burning area allows all kinds of fuels to burn completely by giving very less smoke in the environment.

These double walls do not allow the heat to escape; hence all the heat from the combustion is provided to the cooking area of the stove.

There are small holes in the top and bottom of the furnace by which maximum oxygen can enter and offer more heat hot enough to cook food in less time although the cooking area is not very big but can be used to cook all kinds of foods.

You do not require to spend money on the fuel as it uses twigs, leaves, woods, pine cones and other biomass.

Solo Stove kit is made from stainless steel which never rusts even in harsh temperatures. The heat shield added between the ash plate and bottom does not let the stove to damage. This stove is quite durable and usable for a longer time.
The Solo Stove is very suitable for campers who prefer small and lightweight accessories with them. This wood-burning backpacking is perfect for those who are buying for the first time.

EcoZoom Versa Camping Stove – Portable Wood Burning Camp Stove for Backpacking, Hiking, RV and Survival, no Gas or Electricity needed :

EcoZoom Versa Camping Stove The EcoZoom Versa gives the most innovative design, perfect quality, fuel-efficient which no other wood-burning stove can provide.

The fuel options for EcoZoom are unlimited. You can use twigs, woods, dried leaves, charcoal, solid biomass etc. The design of the burning area allows less smoke in the outer environment.

The most important feature of this wood burning stove is its design. The assembling of the stove and making it ready to use is easy.

Sides of the stove are insulated that locks heat inside the burning area and provides all the heat to the cooking area. The well-built design let you place the stove exactly where wanted without the risk of falling.

The steel used in this stove is highly durable and never corrodes. The doors, if closed, still allow the airflow in the combustion area. The stove handles are made with steel sandwiched into silicone for easy use. These handles remain cool, and the stove can be portable even while cooking.

As far as EcoZoom stove performance is concerned, it is constructed for better performance. The sides stay cool no matter how much the fire in the burning area. The stove locks heat so perfectly that only the cooking area gets hot. Due to this, cooking becomes easy and fast. The fire could be controlled from the burning place as required. You can open the damper door to allow more oxygen to enter for a big fire and close when wanted.

Starting the fire and assembling the stove. It takes only five minutes, which means after five minutes, you can start cooking. Its weight is 16 pounds which is a little heavier, but it is best for the campers travelling in groups. You need to clean this stove regularly after using it, to maintain it for a long time. This EcoZoom wood stove is available in many different sizes and has extra features as the size gets bigger.

EcoZoom wood burning backpacking stoves are must try if you have a reasonable budget and need a furnace for almost long-lasting use.

SOLEADER Portable Wood Burning Camp Stoves – Compact Gasifier Stove – Twig Stove For Camping, Hiking, Backpacking The 3rd Generation :

SOLEADER Portable Wood Burning Camp Stoves SOLEADER wood-burning backpacking stove comes in a rocket-like shape with a beautiful design which allows cooking almost all kinds of food and warm liquids. For outdoor cooking, this is the right choice because it can work with or without wood.

SOLEADER is made with high-quality stainless steel which allows you to use in all conditions such as harsh weathers. The main features for this wood burning stove are that the fire in the burning area last long and is very lightweight and could be assembled in less than 10 seconds.

You do not need to spend money on the massive and costly fuel as it uses twigs, leaves, grasses, pinecones, woods and other biomass.

The stove is heat efficient in that it locks the heat and provides most warmth to the cooking pan, allowing to cook meals in very less time.

You can boil water in less than 5 minutes which is a lot less time as compared to other wood stoves available. This wood stove is easy to use and could be assembled very fast. The four flexible arms can easily hold up a big pot or also a small cup without the risk of slipping.

Soleader stoves can also work with solidified alcohol tablets or other solid fuel in case of rainy weather, or the woods are not available. For cleaning the stove, wait for the furnace to cool down and shake the remaining ash and clean it with a wet piece of cloth. If you are looking for a good camping stove with a small and compact size and at a low and affordable price, then this backpacking wood stove is the perfect option.

Gulrear Ultralight Camping Stove Folding Weighs 7.3 OZ 100% Pure Titanium Wood Burning Camping Stove Portable & Foldable For Camping Backpacking Hiking And Bushcraft Survival Stronger Lighter VS Steel :

Gulrear Ultralight Camping Stove Folding Weighs 7.3 OZ 100% Pure Titanium Wood Burning Camping StoveFor those looking for a mini wood stove, Ultralight provides the best wood burning stove for them. The wood-burning backpacking stove is a lightweight and easy to carry due to its compact design.

The stove is designed so perfectly that it takes less than a minute to assemble it completely. The alcohol burner gets air to ventilate properly. This stove can work on twigs, woods and dry leaves.

There is a big area to add or remove more woods and twigs to adjust the fire. You do not need to spend money on getting fuels for this stove.

Place any pot for this stove and move for the camping without making arrangements for different quality pots and fuels. It can be folded flat for secure storage in your backpack for easy transport.
Pure titanium is used, which is quite light-weighted.

The holes on the titanium wall allow air to enter, which provides good heating and helps in saving energy consumption. These holes on the stove also resist strong winds. You can fry, barbecue, cook and boil water on this Gulrear wood stove. The weight of this wood-burning backpacking stove is only 7.4 ounces. The body of the stove is corrosion-resistant.

The folding includes two removable pot racks, four walls of the stove, a base and a storage bag. This wood-burning stove is ideal for those who need branded and superior quality stovesIf you have any gift idea for a friend who is a camper or adventurer, then this tent wood stove by, Gulrear Ultralight is the right choice.

TOMSHOO Camping Wood Stove Portable Folding Lightweight Stainless Steel Wood Burning Backpacking Stove for Outdoor Survival Cooking Picnic Hunting :

TOMSHOO Camping Wood Stove TOMSHOO Best Backpacking Stoves provides the most comfortable and efficient cooking. The stain steel used in manufacturing the stove can be your ideal cooking stove in the woods.

Whether you want to boil water, cook meals or make an outdoor barbecue party, this stove can do this all for you. A separate cross stand to provide a steady platform on any kind of surface.

Furthermore, you can do outdoor cooking without worrying about the fast wind because it allows for protection to the burning area from the wind.

The entire cooking ring can be packed inside the stove body. The compact design and easy folding will enable you to carry it anywhere with ease. It can be folded in a book-like shape with a comfortable carrying backpack.

The wide opening allows adding more woods conveniently when the stove is in use. The holes in the bottom surface provide proper air ventilation and lock the heat inside the burning area resulting in by offering all the heat to the cooking pot. The fire area is designed in such a way that the smoke coming out of the woods is very less as compared to other wood-burning stoves.

And It gives maximum heating only by burning small planks of woods and dry grass which campers can easily find in their way. The titanium construction ensures that TOMSHOO wood-burning stoves are highly durable with minimal weight. Since due to its tiny size, It may not be suitable for big groups where you have to cook for the group of almost ten people at a time. It is only suitable for 3 to 4 people.

Lixada Camping Wood Stove Folding Lightweight Stainless Steel Wood Burning Backpacking Stove for Outdoor Cooking Picnic Hunting:

Lixada Camping Wood StoveLixada offers the best wood burning stove if you have limited space in your backpack because of its compact size. They are also most favourable for those with low budgets. And It’s a good option for backpacking, cooking, outdoor barbecue and picnic.

The camping stove by Lixada is a well-designed wood burning stove. Very high-quality stainless steel is used in manufacturing this stove.

This steel is more durable than aluminium and lighter than cast iron due to which it weighs only 2.2 pounds. It is in top of the list among the lightest wood-burning stoves.

The packing can be done nearly to the size of an A4 book and could be placed in the backpack. No air holes are present, so the air flowing via the combustion door is enough to start the fire.

Once this wood burning stove is set up, it is strong enough and can hold large pots and small, medium-size frying pans. This stove is highly stable and would not move once placed on the surface. The design provides even distribution of heat for consistent and better cooking. Due to its ability to evenly distributing heat, It can boil water in almost 10 minutes, and tasty food could be prepared in just 30 minutes.

The high-quality steel makes it rustproof either used in harsh temperatures. Super easy to clean after cooking. The easy packing, light weight and lowest price attract every buyer to try this Lixada wood-burning backpacking stove.

CANWAY Camping Stove, Wood Stove/Backpacking Stove, Portable Stainless Steel Wood Burning Stove with Nylon Carry Bag for Outdoor Backpacking Hiking Traveling Picnic BBQ :

CANWAY Camping Stove, Wood Stove/Backpacking StoveCANWAY camping stoves look like a rocket-like shape, but it allows to burn almost all kinds of dry organic matter available near your camping area or in the way. The twigs, leaves, small woods which are easy to get anywhere.

This wood-burning stove provides the same quality of fire as a canister propane stove gives. Hence it provides enough heat to cook the food, boil water and warm you on colder days.

Made of high-quality stainless steel, and strong enough to use in almost all kind of harsh weather conditions.

The design and ease of use of this wood burning stove allow even the new camper to get the most out of it. Since it is a rocket-like design, so does not fold up like book size takes more space in your backpack.

But CANWAY camping stoves are very light weighted and highly portable. After packing down, it becomes almost 3.40 inches which can be fitted even in the most crowded backpack.

As far as performance is concerned, They are easy to assemble and could be set up in less than two minutes. To set up the stove, First put the combustion chamber on the air ventilation rings, then place the ash box and stove hob on the top respectively.

The ability to provide heat from the twigs and dry woods for an extra 20 minutes give efficient cooking due to the secondary combustion. It is highly stable and can sustain accidental collisions in the camping area. You can use it many times without worrying about the corrosion in all conditions. For cleaning the stove, let it cool down for the few minutes, throw the ash and wipe the area with a wet cloth.

When it comes to durability and reasonable, affordable price, CANWAY wood burning backpacking stoves are the best option.

Ohuhu Camping Stove Stainless Steel Backpacking Stove Potable Wood Burning Stoves for Picnic BBQ Camp Hiking with Grill Grid :

Ohuhu Camping Stove Stainless Steel Backpacking StoveOhuhu camping wood stoves are best for solo camping, backpacking trips and for the couples. For a few people, almost two to three, This is the most versatile option.

These wood-burning stoves, like all other stoves, encourage the use of natural fuel. The heat produced by twigs, leaves, small woods and pinecones is just as intense as and sufficient as one can get from the gas stove.

It lights up fire fast. The holes in the bottom surface allow adequate air to start the fire and keep burning.

The constant availability of fuel in the combustion area provides enough heat to cook the meal. This wood-burning stove is highly stable and burns at a very high temperature.

There are few cons of this stove as it is minimal in size, so its combustion area is small as well. It almost takes 30 minutes to cook your meal perfectly by using this stove. But those 30 minutes, you need to feed it with wood as much as possible since it is always hungry for the fuel due to the small combustion area.

Made from super quality premium-grade steel and is well known to hold heat for best performance. This Ohuhu camping stove, when assembled, can cook almost all the food, boils water and warms the area around you. You must be thinking that if perfect quality steel is used, it must be massive.

Fortunately, It is one of the lightest weighted wood-burning stoves available. Highly durable, and rust-free makes it a strong and a robust stove which could be used in all weather conditions.
At the end of the day after using this Ohuhu wood burning stove, You will be happy by saving your money while getting the super performance from the stove.

TOAKS Titanium Backpacking Wood Burning Stove :

TOAKS Titanium Backpacking Wood Burning StoveTOAKS are one of the favourite wood-burning stoves since they provide the best backpacking and camping experience at a low price.

Their titanium wood-burning backpacking stove offers you to cook the food more efficiently and tasty as you cook in your home kitchen. The brand uses the best titanium with no coating.

Hence perfect material is used in the manufacturing of this wood-burning stove. If the campers prefer lightweight and durable backpacking wood-burning stoves, then This stove by TOAKS is most suitable.

It weighs only 7.5 ounces which is almost 230 grams.
Suppose you want to boil water or make a cup of tea. All you have to do is to place the pan on the stove, and you will observe how it cooks. It will be seen that TOAKS provide consistent heat distribution and evenly heat distribution.

Frying eggs and cooking vegetables will not be difficult. But cooking beef will take some more time. While cooking, You will have to pay close attention at the combustion area because if fuel quantity is more, it will produce smoke and if fuel quantity is less, you will not get enough heat for your cooking. This wood-burning stove will leave tiny small spots on the cooking pot but no need to worry about that because they are easily washable.

This wood-burning stove is super easy to set up and easy to fold up for your backpack. Highly portable, lightweight and small in size. It takes less than 5 minutes to assemble the stove and start the fire for cooking. Titanium grade 1 and 2 is used in this stove which is not as strong as steel but could be used in all kinds of temperatures and is highly durable.

REDCAMP Wood Burning Camp Stove Folding Stainless Steel 304# Grill, S/L Portable Backpacking Stove for Hiking Camping Survival BBQ :

REDCAMP Wood Burning Camp StoveThe REDCAMP wood burning stove is the most common due to its small weight and size. The fuel required for this stove includes leaves, twigs, wood, coal etc.

which are available in bulks for the campers. The weight for this wood burning stove is 2.3 pounds which are quite easy to carry.

Its easy folding allows placing the stove in the backpack for easy transportation. It is made of super high-quality stainless steel 430 which never corrodes in all kinds of harsh temperature.

The cleaning of this stove is effortless, which can be done when the stove is cooled down. Throw the ash away and clean with a wet cloth.

This wood stove is highly stable even if a heavy pot is placed on top of it. This camping stove comes with its carrying bag you do not require to buy a separate bag for this wood stove. Available at an affordable price. This wood-burning backpacking stove must be tried if you are a new buyer and going to use the wood-burning stove for the first time.

kampMATE WoodFlame Ultra Lightweight Portable Wood Burning Camping Stove, Backpacking Stove, Nylon Carry Case – Perfect for Survival Packs & Emergency Preparedness :

kampMATE WoodFlame Ultra Lightweight Portable Wood Burning Camping StoveThe KampMATE is the most functional, efficient and lightweight wood-burning stove, which makes it best among many other stoves available. High quality 304 stainless steel is used for its construction.

This stove weighs 1.1o pounds which is almost equal to 520 grams which are very light in weight. Since it is small, it takes very less space even in a crowded backpack.

To assemble the stove, it is quite easy and no need for the user manual also for the new users. Its part includes the sides of the stove, base and the grate.

To begin with, cooking, as its name suggests its a wood-burning stove but not only woods could be used in this stove. Twigs, Dried leaves, pinecones, charcoal and other biomass.

Starting a fire is easy in this woodstove. The holes in the bottom provide best air ventilation which offers the ease to start big enough fire in the combustion area required for cooking and boiling purposes. The continuous flow of oxygen makes sure that fire is continuously burning unless put out by you.

It can boil the pot of water within a few minutes. Frying eggs and making steaks is quite easy when you have kampMATE wood burning stove. It also provides a warm environment in the nearing area. There is only one small drawback for the stove as it does not have any handles to hold once gets hot.
Easy to put together and works super perfect in all conditions.

As far as cleaning is concerned, you need to wait until the stove is cold down, then clean it simply.

Buyer’s Guide

  • There are many wood-burning stoves available in the market. It never means that any type you choose will be the best one. Getting the best one depends upon many factors like the size of the stove, weight, fuels required for the combustion, quality, warranty of the product, high performance, accessible transportation, and most importantly the price. What to look in the portable wood-burning backpacking stove? Here are the few points to help you choose the right wood stove for the first time1. Stability and Cooking Area Support :
    The perfect wood burning stove must be designed in such a way that it could hold a pot of any weight and size. More importantly, The stove must be highly stable in such a way that it holds up the cookware set in position without you holding it. In case of slight touch or strong wind, the stove design must be able to keep it on the surface without any wobble. The Cooking area support in such a way that if place a small pan or cup, it does not slip from that support.
    Each stove that I have reviewed above is strong enough to hold any kind of pot, even the stove which is made of cast iron. Few stoves also have handles to keep the cooking set in position during cooking.

2. Size and Folding :
Does the stove fold down for secure storage? Some wood-burning stoves such as Uberleben and Unigear can be folded like A4 book sizes. These stoves can be folded so small that they could easily be stored in your backpack. The size of the stove is the primary concern even if it could be stored in the bag or not because if the size is large, it becomes difficult to carry.
Hence size should be such a way that it does not take up more substantial space.
All the stoves mentioned above could be easily stored in the backpack for easy carrying and transportation due to their perfect folding and suitable sizes.

3. Weight :
Since most wood stoves are made from the 304 stainless steel, and their weights differ from brand to brand. But there are still many factors which take part in adding up more weight to the stove.
If we talk about Uberleben wood burning stove, which is also made from the same steel used in many other stoves but it is lighter than others. Because of the small size and no extra unnecessary attachments. Similarly, Other wood burning stoves like Ohuhu comes with many other accessories. However, it’s size is almost the same as Uberleben but heavier because all the accessories have their weight. Which adds to the total weight of the stove.
Most importantly, Find out how much weight you can carry with ease on your camping trip and then choose the right option. If you are going in the car and do not have to travel on foot, then any wood-burning stove could do the job for you. But if you are going hiking and have to travel a lot on foot, then wood stove from the list mentioned above must be tried.

4. Performance :
Never buy a stove only because of a beautiful design, stability of holding different pans and sizes if the performance is low. Because performance is the most crucial factor. You must try to find out the best wood burning stove according to its performance which can cook almost all kinds of foods in less time, boils the water and keeps you warm in the camping area. Try to make sure the stove chosen must have air holes which allows consistent oxygen for the fire to keep on burning.
A sizable fuel door must be available to add more fuel and control the fire required in the burning area. Since you want to buy the wood-burning stove, it should work correctly by using twigs, dried leaves, woods and coal etc.

5. Quality and Price :
As the wood-burning stoves are always used outdoors so there must be no compromise on the quality. The quality of the steel must be super perfect, which never corrodes or rust even in harsh temperatures. The wood stoves are to be used for long-lasting purposes hence must be highly durable. The price of the product is one of the most critical factors for the buyers, no matter what they are buying. The price is affected by the quality, brand, size and has many different features. The price must be affordable for all kinds of buyers. So the cost of the stoves is the primary concern.
The reviews about wood-burning backpacking stove described above all are made of the best quality and available at low prices.


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Frequently Questions Answers

  • How is portable wood-burning stove still favourable during rain?

When you are in an area where it will be raining, You will have to use small fuel tablets as the fire starter. These tablets are tiny and lightweight. These tablets are smokeless and also called smokeless fuel tablets and are available in different brands.

One fuel tablet can burn up to five minutes and could be used with some twigs to start the fire. It does not matter if you are at high altitude; these tablets will work correctly as heat starters.
The folding of the wood-burning backpacking stove is in a few different styles. Some are folded in a can shape, few are in a flat or box-like shape.

  • What to be kept in mind while buying a wood-burning stove?

First of all, you must know how many people will be on a camping trip because few wood stoves are tiny in size and are fast in only cooking foods for limited people. So keeping in mind, you have to buy the most suitable one according to its size and weight. Sometimes, in case of winter or raining, the woodstove needs to be used inside the camp. So there must be a chimney pipe available to get rid of the smoke. So you can think about the tented wood-burning backpacking stove as well.

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