Best Dobsonian Telescopes

Best Dobsonian Telescopes Reviews & Buyer’s Guide [2020]

Dobsonian telescopes have designed to view outer space objects that are more preparedly accessible to novice and amateur astronomers. They come with simple optics and mounts that anybody can use with ease. The brands and their products are enormous in number available in the market. That’s why this is a bit tricky to know which model is the most suitable for your needs. No worries, we have made a list of some high-quality products along with a buying guide. So, you’ll get things easier to find your preferred one while going to the entire content.

5 Best Dobsonian Telescopes


Orion SkyQuest XT8 Classic Dobsonian 8-Inch

Orion 8945 SkyQuest XT8 Classic Dobsonian TelescopeAt first sight, you’ll adore this classic Dobsonian from the SkyQuest series. Regardless of more extensive in size, it provides the right balance and still handy in most other senses. Using this device will ensure that you’ll be able to target and discover new objects whenever you align it. When you see the moon through this device, you’ll feel like you have never seen it previously.

Moreover, you’ll get the same feelings for the caps of polar ice and Saturn’s rings. As the gas bands of Jupiter are very well defined, you’ll find it another great target. Also, it offers a clear view of lots of celestial objects in outer space, including nebulae and many dim galaxies. Apart from these, you’ll get software named “Starry Night” with this telescope with premium pieces of eyepieces.

The price of this telescope might be somewhat more for the beginners. But, it has something more than you see on it from the outside. The device has not just the ability to bring the planets near you; it’ll show the far off objects with incredible clarity. You don’t need to disassemble this unit after you assemble it because you can carry it out wherever you want.

If you’re one of them who like to continue smoother stargazing without any mechanical assistance, it’s the right fit for you. With a big aperture, this classic reflector telescope is indeed affordable in price in comparison to some other similar featured device. So, if you own this perfect telescope, you’ll get nothing wrong to use for years for the beginners to enthusiasts and from a single individual to the whole family.

  • Nicely balanced
  • Some great accessories
  • Larger aperture
  • Premium primary optics
  • Mount doesn’t work much smoother.


Sky-Watcher Flextube 300 Collapsible 12-Inch Dobsonian Telescope

Sky-Watcher Flextube 300 Dobsonian 12-inch Collapsible Large Aperture TelescopeThe Flextube 300 of Sky-Watcher is a long-lasting Dobsonian-type telescope, and it collapses for effortless transport. With a great 1500mm, f/5 focal length, it also has a broad range of magnification power. Apart from a 2-inch focuser of the Crayford-style, you’ll also get a RA viewfinder and an adapter with this model.

Another top thing about this Dobsonian telescope is that it offers two eyepieces of different sizes. The base of the device has mounted by a robust system that keeps it stable and great for viewing celestial objects. Although it’s a bit heavier to transport a long distance, its compact design is good enough to take it nearer places in your house.

When it’s time to compare its price with other 12-inch devices, you’ll love it as it’s much affordable for many buyers. If you want to set off as large as possible, this is the exciting option for you as a first-user. Since the telescope is extremely user-friendly, you don’t need to get much care against it. But, don’t forget that a large number of beginners lose their interest because it requires extra effort to learn, use, and maintain as it’s a large-sized telescope.

In any case, we would recommend this device to the users of its previous versions. It’s because you already have a better idea of the right size of the telescope. Most importantly, you’ll not be disappointed due to the quality of the telescope. Another reason to recommend this device is its higher resolution scope, and it reveals detail with clarity of the far off objects that may appear gloomy in low-quality telescopes.

  • Compact design
  • Easy assembly
  • Comparatively light & portable
  • High-quality optics
  • Difficult to mount the telescope


Sky-Watcher 10-inch Classic 250 Dobsonian Telescope

Sky-Watcher Classic 250 Dobsonian 10-inch Aperature TelescopeFor first-timers and novice telescope owners, this telescope is an unavoidable choice. The device is not just user-friendly; you’ll get it very simple to familiarize yourself with it because of its unimposing size and simple design. As this model comes with the design of a parabolic mirror, it eliminates almost all common flaws of its reflectors.

As a result, you’re free of getting the stress of more light and glaring aberrations because it delivers the best images of the brighter outer space objects. Featuring with big aperture and simple functionality, this traditional Dobsonian-style telescope brings the perfect scope for the beginner. Thus, this type of telescope is a low-cost solution for complete, bright viewing experience in ordinary design. Because of its larger aperture, this device gives you up to 94% reflectivity.

Another reason for this higher reflectivity is the borosilicate mirrors that are coated with silicon dioxide, titanium, and quartz. You’ll be able to view what John Dobson planned with a thinly-made parabolic mirror with coatings of brightness. Unlike other models out there, this telescope features a handle with Tension Control that allows its user to adjust the tension easily.

Thus, it enables the device to go generously everywhere in the sky. Also, this type of handle helps you to control stability while using some big eyepieces. So, when its grip becomes tightened, the steel-made ball bearings offer smooth movement. Indeed, its straightforward rocker box-type mount that comes with azimuth Teflon bearings ensures easy accessibility for the first-timers. Although it moves smoothly, it has enough friction and prevents any unexpected movement of your device.

  • Easy & quick assembly
  • Simple & smooth positioning
  • Compact and light design
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Low-quality eyepieces


Orion SkyQuest XT6 Plus Dobsonian Reflector

 Click image to open expanded view Orion 08985 SkyQuest XT6 PLUS Dobsonian Reflector TelescopeThe XT6 Plus of the Orion SkyQuest series is an extraordinary telescope that has a larger aperture. Because of its larger aperture, it gets lots of light to help the device deliver stunning images. It comes as the upgrade from its less powerful or smaller scope but still is reasonably portable.

You’ll also love its user-friendly feature, which is a great versatile performer that can handle celestial objects viewing in the outer space. As a result, you can see lots of different types of objects in the nebulae, star clusters, and galaxies.
It has the option of thumbscrew adjustments that work well with collimation. But, getting a laser-powered collimator is not recommended if you’re a serious astronomer. Although it weighs 34.4lbs, you can detach its optical tube to transport with ease. It’s very logical weight as per the size of its aperture and tube that has made doable by patterns to cut weight in its base.

Again, you’ll be able to see the detailed view of the Moon’s surface and the polar ice of Mars’ caps when you use the perfect filters in better conditions. Packed with cool design improvements and lots of accessories; the XT6 Plus comes in indeed with the redesign and sleek Dobsonian base.

There is a trim band with white color around its base that improves its visibility when it’s in the low light or dark. Also, it has a rack for an eyepiece that can hold three eyepieces of 1.25-inch. The tensioning button offers better management of the altitude motion of the telescope because of an elevation alignment. Overall, this Dobsonian-style reflector telescope excels as a great value.

  • Perfect entry-level Dobsonian telescope
  • Easy to transport
  • Space-saving
  • Includes all necessary accessories
  • A bit tricky to assemble


Zhumell Z130 Portable Dobsonian Telescope

Zhumell Z130 Portable Altazimuth Reflector TelescopeWith a medium-length aperture, the Zhumell Z130 is a type of Dobsonian telescope that allows getting in enough light to deliver fantastic images. Because of its comparatively short focal length and focal ratio, it turns into beautiful views of deep space. As a result, it allows you to be thankful for nebulae and galaxies in their magnificence.

Also, it’ll enable you to enjoy exceptional views of celestial objects and planets like Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn. Moreover, you’ll get comprehensive closer views of the beautiful Moon. Since the manufacturer includes this device with a laser-powered collimator, it’s easy to align the mirror of the telescope. So, it doesn’t require regular adjustments as it tends to maintain the collimation well.

Designed with a good quality cooling fan, it keeps the thermal equilibrium cool. Although the device is somewhat cumbersome, you can disassemble it into two parts that will easy to transport. In any case, the Z130 must be a superb gift for your young stargazer as a passion for astronomy usually starts from a younger age. Because of its reasonably small design, it’s not just affordable in price; it also costs less than many other entry-level scopes with an identical aperture.

Another unique feature of this device is its modular-type lens cap. So, you’ll get complete control over its opening aperture to get things like the Moon, and other brighter objects notch down. Thus, you can view them clearly without much glare. Again, the size and type of device are suitable for your younger children. Therefore, they’ll feel very comfortable with making acquainted with astronomy.

  • Standard focuser compatible with other accessories
  • Straightforward to change magnifications
  • Comparative affordable in price
  • Extremely lightweight & portable
  • Not suitable to observe deep-sky objects


Buying Guide For The Best Dobsonian telescopes

When you’re going to buy a Dobsonian-style telescope, some factors are essential to keep in mind. Let’s know what they are:

It’s a way to measure the reflector telescope’s primary mirror. As you already know that having larger aperture means you’re about to get more light in the telescope. And getting enough light is the way to view more transparent and detailed images of the far off objects. Since you get a larger aperture for the money, Dobsonian modes of telescopes are merely excellent. But, a refractor-type telescope with similar size as well as image quality will be very expensive.



Usually, smaller and portable telescopes are not powerful enough as you expect. So, you have to choose a type of telescope that’s effortless to handle and sturdy for regular use. You’ll get the advantage of clearer, clear skies if you have made the plan of taking the stargazing outside the city. That’s why the scope should be as lightweight as compact.


Ease of Assembling

It’s not something expected to spend hours to assemble or aligning the scope. Instead, point-n-view types of telescopes are not just simple; they’re fast to start stargazing. Among other key factors, the major one is extra accessories that add significance to your stargazing experience. For example, lenses and different size lenses provide a different level of magnifications such as your Moon filters improve the view, while Finderscopes help you discover your objects.



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FAQs & Answers Section

Can I Use My Dobsonian Telescopes For Astrophotography?

Yes, Dobsonian-style telescopes are perfect for astrophotography, especially of planets and the Moon. Also, you can do astrophotography for the long exposures by using CCD or DSLR cameras.

What Can I See Using A Dobsonian-Style Telescope?

Dobsonian-style telescopes allow you to view lots of things in the sky. These include globular clusters and open clusters. Moreover, you can find some galaxies through this telescope.

How Large Should My Telescope Be To View Saturn?

You can view Saturn’s rings using as smaller as 25X magnifying telescope. So, anyone from our review list will work high to see Saturn.

What Are The Best Brands Of Dobsonian Telescope?

Firstly, anyone you choose from our review list is excellent to work with. So, the leading brands are Orion, Celestron, Sky-Watcher, Zhumell, and Meade.



Here we end up this review and buying guide, and hopefully, you have got your desired information. So, it’s time to buy your preferred telescope. And we highly recommend getting anyone from the above-said list. They’re selected after in-depth research from hundreds of products. Happy Stargazing!

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