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Best Sump Pump Reviews & Buying Guide in 2020 [Expert Picks]

To get the best return pump or the Best Sump Pump for your saltwater aquarium, you need to consider some essential things.

Aquarium sump pumps are useful for saltwater aquariums or any large tanks. There are some other benefits of a sump pump: processing a large volume of water, media flexibility, increasing the tank’s stock levels, enhancing the environmental balance of the aquarium, etc.   

Mainly you have to consider how much water your device can pump, what type of fish you have, and your budget to choose the return pump for your aquarium. 

We are featuring some excellent options for you to choose the best sump pump for your aquarium.

The 10 Best Sump Pump For Aquarium In 2020


Silent Swirl Aquastation Controllable DC Aquarium Pump

aquastation Silent Swirl Controllable DC Aquarium Pump with Wave FunctionWhile planning to buy a sump pump for an aquarium, you can think about this version. This sump pump is safer, versatile, dependable, and powerful enough to runs smoothly on a bigger tank.

You won’t feel disturbed because it does not produce much noise. It operates silently, which is the unique feature of this pump.

This return pump has a copper-free construction with a motor that requires a low voltage.

Like a ground pool pump, this pump can move in a surplus of 3100 gallons of water in an hour. The surprising feature is that the water inside the pump works smoothly without making any noise.

Isn’t it amazing? The Sine Wave technology completely mutes the sound waves produced by the pump. You might have to keep your ear on the tank to hear the sound.

This device also offers optimized control settings. There are 20 different speed settings which control the flow of the water. It serves a remarkable performance by managing the water flow significantly. There are three modes, which include feed mode, wave mode, and steady flow model. A DC return pump serves these modes.

Due to having a copper-free construction, this device works in both saltwater and freshwater. It is a long-lasting device with more excellent motor protection, which works for a more extended period. It has a wear-proof ceramic finishing, which holds the durability of the pump.

You can use this pump for both freshwater and saltwater. You don’t need to worry about the food getting stuck on the pump while on low voltage motor. The only obligation is that the user needs a separate adapter to make it work.

Unlike other sump pumps, this device comes with heavy construction and the capability to flow a higher amount of water with a controllable pressure rate. Moreover, you get a silent but smooth performance in a larger tank. You can easily attach multiple hosen by matching the build of the fish tank though this might not be the best option for a smaller fish tank. It comes with an expensive price tag but a great outcome.

Fluval Hagen Sea Sump Pump for Aquarium  

Fluval Hagen Sea Sump Pump for AquariumThe Fluval sea pump is one of the best products regarding the saltwater sump pump. You don’t need to execute significant research about this sump pump for saltwater aquariums.

This device comes with some great features which are worth considering. Fluval comes with exclusive technology and an efficient energy consumption ratio.

This device is made by a unique Italian Askoll motor design. It serves the best possible filtration by controlling powerful and smooth water flow.

You don’t need to worry about continuous water flow for this sump, which is constructed by a saltwater system. 

This device is also capable of operating at a significantly lower temperature to cope with the tank’s temperature. Besides, this device can be operated for submersible or dry use.  

This sump pump inevitably comes with a vast size. You need to make sure that the tank size is well enough to hold it. This sump pump is recommended for the bigger tank size. You can use different hose fittings of North America and Europe region. You don’t have to worry about any rust or corrosion on this device due to its rugged design.

This saltwater sump pump is expensive but gives you the proper value of your money. Because of serving longer life span, noiseless pumping, and smooth performance, this is by far the best product of its domain. It also ensures a fair amount of energy consumption. Having this device will minimize the hard labor of maintaining a big sized fish tank.  

Jebao DCT Marine Controllable Water Pump

Jecod/Jebao DCT Marine Controllable Water PumpAre you looking for a sump pump with premium features, including heavy-duty motor and power-saving options?

Then this is the best option for your fish tank. This device is equipped with a smart speed controlling system and advanced motor shield, which works perfectly.

This device is a controllable water pump with the latest DC version. It requires less power to run and pumps a smooth water flow. It is clean, comfortable to operate, and maintainable.

There is a power-off shield which is operational in manual and automatic mode.

You can easily control the fish feeding button and pump speed. It ensures a convenient controlling feature with an IC electronic detection system. You can get the full potential of these features by controlling the flow and feeding the fish in your aquarium. This device is a perfect option for good size fish tank and pond.

The pressure of this device is downsized after several months of service. Though this machine is not entirely silent but quieter than the older version, you can hear audible sound when the device is operating.

We can conclude with an opinion that indicates that this device is a better choice than many other sump pumps for a fish tank. It has excellent construction, which is made out of proper engineering and materials. The motor of this device is made out of updated technology and generates a long-lasting performance. It’s a cost-efficient aquarium sump pump with the price tag of other return pumps with the same quality. You can easily set up and maintain this sump pump for your fish tank.

Current USA eFlux DC Flow Pump

Current USA eFlux DC Flow Pump with Flow Control Setting up a saltwater sump pump is not always an easy task. You won’t find it challenging while installing the eFlux DC flow pump.

This device has a compact design so that you can fit it into tiny spaces smaller sumps. It can ensure high flow and high pressure precisely at the same time. 

This device surely offers some exclusive and excellent combination of sump pump features.

This device has a sealed DC motor and design, which includes a magnetic drive. Buyers are mostly looking for an energy-efficient pump that effectively pumps water.

With ultra-efficient DC motor, it can flow water almost silently, efficiently, and transmit minimum heat. It is compared with other top-rated sump pumps because of its durability and performance.

You can use this device for multipurpose. It can be used for both external and submersible purposes. It works fine for both saltwater and freshwater fish tanks. You will get a hose barb fitting included while purchasing this product.

This device has a variable speed controller due to the LOOP HUB controller. You can have a fantastic feature that enables you to get wireless control due to LOOP IC or Loop Bluetooth controller. You will get performance status through integrated active feedback such as blocked impeller, no water, and speed limits.

Installing and maintaining this device is pretty easy due to quick disconnect fittings. It includes an inlet filter which is heavily built. Any dirt particle or debris cannot damage the impeller inside the device.

The length of the power cord of this device is shorter than expected. The price tag of this device is quite expensive, but overall, it is worth considering and a good investment for your aquarium.

Jebao New DC Return Pump

Jebao DCP Sine Wave Water Return PumpThe Jebao DC return pump comes with a 1710 GPH max rate, which fits on all kinds of tanks.

It does not include any cooper ingredients, which makes it harmless for tanks.

It has a compact and small design with silent performance, which makes it an ideal choice for your friendly creatures swimming around the tank.

With this pump, you get a powerful outcome within a smaller package. This device is a strong contender among the other return pumps with a similar price tag.

It produces a flow rate of 1710 GPH. It also has a power-saving mode, which makes it more effective than the other devices on the market.

You can select between ten different water flow rates that are available on this device. There is an automatic power-off feature which prevents it from overextending the motor power. This latest model is made out of a wear-proof ceramic shaft, which ensures more efficient performance and long-standing power management.

This device is a bit more expensive than the other devices with the same features. Though this device has a larger size than the other devices but suits most of the tanks, it’s not the best option for a smaller tank.  

Considering all the features, we can conclude that this device is a reliable tool and is fit for most of the tanks. Though it has a large size, it still operates smoothly with less noise. You can differentiate between 10 different water flow rates, which is useful for different. There is no On and off button on this device other than that; all other features are well enough to give it a try.

Hygger Quiet Submersible and External DC Water pump

Hygger Quiet Submersible and External 24V DC Water PumpThe Hygger brand is popular among the water pump brands for having a powerful motor and silent performance.

You can use it both externally and in the water, which makes it a versatile device. You can use it anywhere because it has a six-foot-long cord, which makes it portable.

You can use it for various purposes such as tanks, aquariums, ponds, fountains, and hydroponics.

The controlling features are really user friendly. You just need to plugin to make it work and unplug to turn it off.

When there is no water, the device is turned off automatically because of having an automatic shut-off feature.

There are two removable water intake screens available in this product. One is for the basic water level, and the other is for the lower water level. (More than 0.8 inches)

The LED display outside the controller makes it more eye-catching. There are 70+ speed settings for water flow. Only three buttons on the device make it easy to operate for any user.

A longer lifespan is guaranteed because of having a wear-resistant shaft and magnetic drive. You can use it for saltwater and freshwater because there aren’t any copper ingredients included in this device.

Aquenon Quietflow Submersible Utility Pump

Aqueon Quietflow Submersible Utility PumpMany factors are considered while choosing a convenient water pump for your tank or aquarium. Aqueon is a well-known and versatile brand.

It offers you many options to choose from. There are many appealing features on this device to meet your demands.

You get superior performance from this device with less maintenance effort.

This device can be used for various applications. You can submerge this device underwater. It is easily maintainable and runs quietly. You can use it on your fish tank and household fountains.

This device is capable of doing extra filtration for your aquarium. This is how your maintenance effort is minimized. It offers a dominant performance by producing 200 GPH with five feet of head pressure and size AQ2500.

The most attractive feature is that you will get all the tubing and PVC adapters needed to operate this device. You will get two ½ inch PCV and two 5/8-inch tubing adapters. You can choose the one which you need for your tank.

There are sizes available from 400W-4000W, and you get to choose from these depending on your need. This is why this device is popular among many users. It can produce a flow that is perfect for corals and fish.

After considering all the features, we can say that this device is worth every single penny you invest in. Though you can hear an audible sound while running it, but the rest of the features are fantastic. You don’t need to give any extra effort to maintain this device. It plays a vital role while changing and filling the water back in the tank. You don’t have to worry about making up any mess while changing the water. All the multipurpose features are available in one package on this device.

Uniclife DEP-4000 Controllable DC Water Pump

Uniclife DEP-4000 Controllable DC Water Pump 1052 GPH with Controller for Marine Freshwater Aquarium Pond CirculationThis version of Uniclife saltwater Pump represents some impressive features. It includes a memory function that helps you have the same settings every time you restart it.

It is equipped with a wear-proof shaft for the heavy-duty shield, which ensures a longer lifespan. This device significantly has more efficiency and offers more regular consumption.

It should be mentioned that this pump consumes less power than the other pumps available on the current market. You will get 90+ variable speed functionalities and an additional 10 minutes feeding option.

Moreover, you get an offer that includes a 1 – year warranty. This device is well known for its durability because it has a stuck shield, IC chip control, and actual soft Start-up.  

This pump is made of the plastic body, which makes it fragile and easily breakable. It is recommended to use this device underwater because the water helps it to maintain a more cooling mode to keep the pump operation running.

Jebao New 80W 1000LPH DC Controllable Water Return Pump.

Jebao 80W 10000LPH Aquarium DC Controllable Water Return Pump Fish Tank PumpWithout any doubt, this return sump pump presents a lot of attractive features. If you are careful about your fish tank and the water pump, you will surely like it.

It ensures a premium quality with a quality magnet rotor with the latest technology, sealed impellers, and a wear-proof ceramic shaft, making it rust-resistant.

The long-lasting life span and performance makes it even more popular. You can operate this device safely on a low voltage power supply.

The design includes a leakage protection system, an attractive LCD control option, a 30-100 stage variable speed flow control system, and the apparent feed mode function.

You won’t be losing your time on researching about different options to get a sump pump. With this device, you will get the efficiency and reliability that you need. The leakage shield works effectively, which minimizes your maintenance effort and concern about any leakage in the system. For freshwater and marine tanks, this device works smoothly with a powerful motor.

This is not a silent water pump, like many other models in the market. The noise is not the main issue because it is not disturbing at all. The pump does not circulate a sufficient amount of GPH. These are the only downside of this product. Other than these few flaws, this product is reliable enough to invest the money.

In conclusion, we can say that we want to buy an ideal sump pump for our fish tank. There are countless options in the market from which choosing the right product needs research. Overall, This device gives you a reliable and efficient performance by cutting your maintenance efforts.

Eheim Universal Pump 600

Eheim Universal Pump 600This sump pump by Ehiem is a versatile design which underwater and outside the water. It can be used for various purposes with excellent performance.

It includes an integrated prefilter for protecting the impeller from debris and damage and extends the device’s life span.

It also has safe hose connections and a variety of attachments and fixings. After adding up all these features, Ehiem is a well-known device in terms of reliability.

This device is also famous for being used in a professional environment such as breeding units, zoos, and aquarium.

There are five different models for output levels from 300 up to 3400 I/h and an option to choose from 1,5 m indoor or 10 m outdoor cable. It also includes a flexible hobby pump with 270 i/h outputs.

 How to select the Best Sump Pump?

Before selecting the best sump pump, we have to know what a sump pump is. Because you need to know what are the settings that need to be constructed for your tank. There are different applications available for an aquarium sump. You can either put it underneath the tank or next to the aquarium because the cycle flows the water from the aquarium to the sump and back in the tank again.

The pump should be kept in a separate space to get a beautiful looking functional aquarium. The sump pump also works as a filtration requires different water levels, the flow of water, and water pressure.

  • Recommendations for Pump Size:

Choosing the correct size for your tank is an important feature to consider. You have to find lots of aspects to select the right size of your return pump. Though you can simply rely on the pump’s turnover, which is a measurement of the volume of water, a pump can flow over some time. It is measured in gallons-per-hour or GPH.

It is ideal to have a 4x turnover for the freshwater fish tank, which can move the water four times per hour. A typical turnover of the saltwater fish tank is 6x to 10x, which can run 240 and 400 GPH in a 40-gallon tank.

Some other features include head pressure and maximum vertical height. You need to understand how high a pump can throw the water upwards against gravity by creating water pressure. Get a pump that can flow water to your display tank by measuring the height of the tank. It is wise to add some extra vertical feet. You should get a pump that can give you a 20% additional output, which is more than your expectation. 

Finally, you have to consider what type of fish you are keeping in your tank. Some fish need a higher water flow rate, and some need lower. The same goes for saltwater and freshwater tanks where you need to carefully determine what amount of water flow you need into the tank.

  • More Things to consider while choosing

Choosing a sump pump is not a complicated task. You just need to keep looking for some crucial features. We are going to point out the essential elements in this section.

Some pumps are operational underwater and need to be submerged underwater while others work correctly on both dry or wet conditions. It’s a personal preference, but it depends on your setup.

Prefilters are a vital part of the pump because they protect the pump’s inner part from the debris. An ideal pump will have one of these included. Otherwise, you must buy one to get a longer life span of the device.

Sump pump flows the water from inside the pump to the aquarium. The water of the pump and tank should be cold while flowing so that the water temperature does not get affected.

It is recommended to have a pump that runs without any disturbing noise. The fish or any other creatures will be having a suitable environment if there isn’t any noise. Most of these tanks are quiet, but not all of them are silent enough.


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Getting the right sump pump for your fish tank will significantly minimize the effort of cleaning and maintenance. You need the correct device to maintain a proper balance of water flow, cleanliness, and the aquarium’s environment.

You can take a look at this guide to purchase the right product for your aquarium. We have featured an exclusive buying guide in our product reviews, which will help you choose the best sump pump or the best sump pump for your aquarium.

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