Best Telescope Eyepieces

Best Telescope Eyepieces Reviews & Buyer’s Guide [2020]

Having separate kits for your telescope eyepiece is a unique idea for you if you’re a novice or backyard astronomy. For the same price, you’ll get a wide range of eyepieces as well as filters that will improve the flexibility of the telescope setup. But, you might be spending lots of money on them, which is possible to avoid if you know about the high-quality best telescope eyepieces.

All leading and famous brands of astronomy products manufacturers have their different types of eyepieces. We’re going to review some of their popular items that have lots of users across the globe. Apart from the premium telescope eyepieces, you’ll also get a buying guide that will help you identify your preferred item.

5 Best Telescope Eyepieces


Celestron 93424 X-Cel LX Series Eyepiece

Celestron X-Cel LX Series EyepieceThe famous brand, Celestron, brings you evolutionary telescope eyepieces with this item. It’s more suitable to view the objects of the outer space, including the moon, planets, and other celestial objects with its excellent 60-degree viewing field. There are seven different eyepieces in this series, and all of them are 16mm eye relief.

As a result, you’ll feel very relaxed for your eyes while using anyone of them. With the pop-up type eyecups, its aluminum structure is a bit complimented. It’s a 6-element premium optical set that comes with the finish of multiple layers. So, you’ll get sharp, more precise images for its high-transmission coverings.

Also, it’ll give you a better contrast with the optics blackened edges. The eyepiece is a comfortable and excellent eye relief with parfocal. That’s’ why you can use other eyepieces of this series while observing sessions. And they’ll require no or very little further focusing.

Despite this feature, it has two more things that are more vital than its size. These include the quality and focal length of the eyepieces. While talking about the quality, the Celestron is a leading and world-famous brand. The most excellent ground-based device is all set to magnify about 300X depending on the conditions.

Additionally, you should wait until they’re straight above you as much possible to reduce how the numbers of the environment you’re seeking if you need the best viewing experience of planets. Another practical feature is the adjustable height of its eyecups that’s very handy for different types of users. Also, you’ll love it for its rubber made eye guards as it offers better comfort and optimum contrast.

  • An exciting viewing field
  • Rubber made fine grip
  • Amazing planetary view
  • Ideal eye relief
  • Very narrow see-through hole


Celestron Eyepiece & Filter Accessory Kit

Celestron – 1.25” Eyepiece and Filter Accessory KitWhen you find astronomy daunting, Celestron is ready to help you. If you have any issue with your existing eyepieces and filters, this famous telescope brand has the right solution. Apart from premium telescopes, the manufacturer has lots of high-quality eyepiece and other accessory kits.

Thanks to the five different types of incredible Plossl eyepieces, this kit is most desirable for most types of telescope users. So, you can choose any of its eyepieces from 6mm to 32mm. With its 52-degree of the viewing field, it’s well-matched with elements that have designed for the increased potentiality of the higher deal.

Moreover, it’ll provide you a 2X Barlow lens that’s flexible enough to match with most types of available eyepieces. As a result, you’ll also use it like getting quite a lot of eyepieces simultaneously that keeps it in the better rank of the budget-friendly telescope eyepieces. Besides, the complete kit has a robust carrying case, so you don’t have any issue while taking them from one spot to another.

That’s why if you want to give recovery to your scope with a better viewing experience, this 14-piece filters and eyepieces kit is your best friend. With the package, you’ll get five eyepieces, one Barlow lens, one moon finder, and six pieces of color filters. These accessories are just perfect to deliver your improved view of the celestial objects on the deep space.

When we talk about the eyepieces, they’re entirely multicoated for the highest resolution and contrast. For the complements like the exceptional Plössl eyepieces, you’ll get it with a total of ten different power combinations. Due to its top-graded glass optics designed with multicoated lenses, you’ll not get any degradation of view or image.

  • Compatible with the most types of telescopes
  • Fantastic for terrestrial view
  • Impressive control with grip
  • Five different Plossl eyepieces
  • Tough to focus


Orion Shorty 2X Barlow Lens Eyepiece

Orion 08711 Shorty 1.25-Inch 2x Barlow LensThe Shorty of Orion is an exceptional eyepiece with compact design in size and shape. The eyepiece takes a small area that’s very useful to work with ease as its body is just three inches. Its 2X magnification power is the most striking thing. Apart from that, it has dual power that you’ll get from it, which is excellent compared to other ordinary 1.25-inch eyepieces.

Again, it has a beautifully modern design, and its threaded design helps you to fit with different types of filters effortlessly. As a result, you can consider this eyepiece has better compatibility. Thanks to its solid multi-coating, it allows itself to avoid any useless reflections and helps to keep better stability in contrast. So, you can give your scope a boost to its eyepieces using this product. It effectively and practically multiplies your telescope’s eyepiece number for the cost of one eyepiece or even its less.

When we talk about the ease of use, the Shorty is exceptionally user-friendly. It just requires to insert this one into the focuser of your telescope and then set your eyepiece up into it. This eyepiece accessory is also practical to use for better results; its money-saving as well. That means this affordable device is as power-boosting as useful to improve your viewing experience that’s worth in the collection.

Apart from reliable magnification power, this accessory is also comfortable for your eyes to work with. Unlike some other high-power but lower focal length eyepieces, those have a dolefully smaller eye lens; it works without making you worry about looking closely. So, the product is highly recommended to improve comfort and trim down eye strain.

  • Excellent performance
  • Lightweight body
  • Rubber padded fine grip
  • Well-fitted and very flexible
  • Hard to focus


SVBONY Telescope Lens Astronomic Eyepieces

SVBONY Telescope Lens 23mm Telescopes EyepiecesWith a fantastic design of anti-loss, this is another high-quality telescope eyepiece. As the interface niche design of this device, it’s capable of avoiding a large number of losses. Also, it’s very compatible with most other telescopes that work better with 1.25-inch eyepieces.

With compact size and shape, this eyepiece makes it extraordinarily adjustable and flexible with its 31.7mm diameter. Apart from its exceptional abilities, the most attractive thing is its eyepiece that has designed exclusively for wider field view of lunar. So, this is wide enough, right angles that are suitable for 62-degree field viewing compliments excellently.

It’s particularly tricky to correct the optical distortion because its aperture stops the outer surface of its optical systems typically. So, it’s a better way to use a spherical surface to get rid of the distortion. This eyepiece comes with an accurately-made 1.25-inch standard lens barrel that matches well with any other telescope with the accepting feature of 1.25 inches eyepieces.

Because of its rubber-made eye guard, it offers you comfortable viewing experience with blocking the ability of stray light. It has the FMC broadband and multiple coating, it’s able to high light transmit with higher precision optical glass. Also, the eyepiece trims down reflections and ensures a high-resolution image.

Moreover, its reflection-resistant threads provide you the maximum contrast. And it reduces the risk of slipping out of the eyepiece of its diagonal or focuser. Most importantly, it keeps your eyes safe with a comfy state with its large viewing field, high brightness, and fantastic image contrast. Its metal body has beautifully crafted with machined accommodation.

  • Best as a gift item
  • Brilliant loss-resistant design
  • Exceptional contrasting ability
  • Covered with multi-layered glass
  • A higher degree of unnecessary aberration


Meade Instruments 07199-2 Series Zoom Eyepiece

Meade Instruments 07199-2 Series 4000Meade Instruments presents a unique eyepiece, which is prominent for its smart folding up method. The manufacturer has designed this eyepiece aimed to ensure the maximum convenience and protection of its users. That’s why it offers a more extended eye relief that makes it very comfortable for all types of users.

Because of its more full viewing field and extra sharpness, it never stops working to surprise you with the singular vision. For superior support, it has equipped with a modified bayonet-style mount with an eye protector that has made of flexible rubber.

As you already know, this eyepiece has a larger viewing field, gives you the most comprehensive images with superb sharpness and better eye relief. Apart from giving you lower astigmatism, it provides spherical aberration with the color of the off-axis. Moreover, it has an eye guard fitted with mount, so you can fold it down to protect it from possible scratches.

As the lens of the eyepiece is multi-coated, it transmits as much light as feasible image contrast. With a one-year limited warranty, this eyepiece has all you want to view the deep-space for experiencing star-shooting. The device is equally helpful for beginners and serious researchers. It’s super convenient with the extensive range of zoom that mitigates mismanaging for several set focal length in the outer space.

The engineers of the Meade Instruments have developed it after extensive research of years to ensure its best optical systems. This patented technology works best with their telescopes with full-contrast, crisp, and detailed images. Overall, it’s an excellent eyepiece without any doubt that it offers an evident view of the sky.

  • Extremely convenient
  • Scratch proof
  • Fine protection grip
  • Great viewing field
  • Focusing correctly is difficult.


Buying Guide For The Best Telescope Eyepieces

Let’s know about some considering factors and features that are vital to get. So, follow them before you buy a product to get the best eyepiece for your telescope.

Focal Length

Like your telescope, an eyepiece also should have a better focal length. If you have the right focal length on your eyepiece, it’ll give you a sharp and clear image. So, when you go with some wrong items, you can get misguide, and it may mislead your eyes, delivering a blurry image. The experts recommended a range of focal length is within 100mm to 3000mm.


Magnification ensures the quality, and it helps to enlarge the objects to your eyes that you aim to watch. But, it relies on its focal length. It means that you should get an eyepiece with the expected proportion of focal length and magnification.

Eye Relief

It’s an entirely different considering factor because it’s completely related to ensuring you the utmost comfort. Indeed, eye relief means to the space between your eyes and the eyepiece. You should get 15mm to 20mm of eye relief for a better and relaxed viewing experience.



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FAQs & Answers Section

What’s The Suitable Focal Length For My Eyepieces?
You should indeed start with a low powered one from 25mm to 30mm. Then use higher focal length eyepieces and try to know which length suits you best.

What’s The Best Eyepiece To View Planets?
If you have an eyepiece with a focal length of 13mm, you can view the planets with ease. You can also choose anyone from the above-said eyepieces that will give you a clear view of different planets.

Which Eyepiece Should I Buy For Watching The Moon?
Having an eyepiece with a focal length of 40mm is excellent for watching the Moon and many other stars and nebulae.



It’s time to measure how you considered the reviewed eyepieces for telescopes. If you choose anyone from our reviewed list, you’ll get the best results. Don’t get late and be a faster buyer of those fantastic products before they become sold out. Therefore, consider what your preferences and budget are and grab your one to improve your stargazing experience.

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