Best Telescope Mount For Astrophotography

Best Telescope Mount For Astrophotography With Buying Guide & Reviews

Lots of different brands and models of mounts in the market these days that have made things hard to choose the perfect one for you. Also, some of them come with shockingly higher prices. The price may make you stunned, but don’t forget that astrophotography is not a cheap thing.

Although you’ll find some automated GoTo telescopes are selling for a lower price than a better mount, most of them come with the AZ type of mounts. And you know that AZ mounts are rarely suitable for astrophotography. Mounts for astrophotography are a bit different than AZ mounts. That’s why it can meet the need of the astrophotographer. Here are top five telescope mounts for astrophotography.

5 Best Telescope Mount For Astrophotography

Sky-Watcher EQ6R Pro Astrophotography EQ Mount

Sky-Watcher EvoStar 80 APO Doublet Refractor – Compact and Portable Optical Tube for Affordable AstrophotographyThe previous EQ6 was the upgraded mount of the HEQ5. But, the EQ6R comes with added belt drive while previously version just existed as a mode of warranty-void for expert DIYers.

Also, this one has features like enhanced polar alignment and ergonomic improvements. But, the payload capacity of this mount is no slump, and you can load about 44lbs on its while doing visual astronomy.

And for astrophotography purpose, you can load up to 25lbs before issues like vibration start to happen. As the mount has built on the Sky-Watcher’s legacy of fashionable EQ6 mount, it delivers the next progress of the proprietary EQ6 family.

Also, it comes with a better platform for improved photographic and visual use Improved latitude adjustment. Moreover, it has superior latitude adjustment and unique carry handle with precise belt-driving motors as well as an integrated system for DSLR trigger.

These features bring this mount into the up to date ideal for astrophotography. Apart from these handy features, something more is waiting on this mount to amaze you. For example, it has built-in an Autoguider port that converts the mount into a powerhouse for astrophotography. It allows you to use most of the best autoguiders of these days.

Also, it has a type-B USB port that helps you to get a direct connection with ease to your PC using the supplied cable. The mount can cleverly support your telescope’s optical tube accessories for imaging and precise camera silent slewing with a higher weight capacity. Most importantly, the mount is flexible enough when you need to do a polar alignment with its lightened polar finder scope. So, this mount is highly recommended.

  • Generous payload capacity
  • Illuminated handset control
  • Easy to use with PC & Smartphone
  • Smooth and robust latitude tuning
  • Weight

Orion Atlas Pro 10010 AZ/EQ-G Computerized Telescope Mount

Orion 10010 Atlas Pro AZ/EQ-G Computerized GoTo Telescope Mount​It’s another upgraded telescope mount from a famous Orion brand that supports an additional 4lbs than the popular EQ mount. In terms of weight, this mount is some pounds lighter than its previous version.

The Atlas Pro has nothing to dislike except its higher price. And you know that the best things cost a bit higher than their inferior competitors.

As the mount comes with the standard of an improved belt-drive motor, it can help you to discover more than 42 thousand of outer space objects with better accuracy. What the much-liked part of this mount is its optical encoders that allow you to line up the telescope.

Also, it knows precisely the location without adjustment while moving and pointing in another direction. Thanks to its 3-in-1 GoTo mount, you can operate it in this mode gripping one telescope, or in Altazimuth mode in different telescopes.

Since the mount can hold an extensive payload, it’s best for any astrophotography and any other observational uses. With its feature of closed-loop, it maintains alignment after an unintentional nudge or bumps. Because of the double-size dovetail saddle, you can use it with different types of dovetail plates like narrow and wide. Apart from these, lots of useful features are out there come with this mount.

These include a one-inch diameter counterweight shaft, strongly corded power jack, and DC cable. Also, the mount comes with an integrated auto guider port, nine slew speeds, and PPEC capability. Interestingly, its polar alignment of North and South is a great feature that will make the issue of alignment simpler. As a result, we recommend this mount to get the optimum output while doing astrophotography.

  • Higher payload capacity
  • Easy and faster to operate
  • Tidy and safe appearance
  • Stable tripod
  • Expensive

Orion Min-EQ Tabletop Equatorial Telescope Mount

Orion 9055 Min-EQ Tabletop Equatorial Telescope MountUsually, we don’t recommend using any other smaller mount of other manufacturers. It’s because most of them just support telescopes with 7lbs of weight and have made without the GoTo feature.

But, the Min-EQ from the famous Orion product line is an excellent mount to go after as it’s just 10lbs in weight plus 14-inch in height. With a small tripod and cord on legs, this tabletop mount features a sturdy metal.

So, it should be a beautiful collection for large-field astrophotography even if it’s an overnight camping trip. Also, you can buy a motorized driver for it. But don’t forget to ensure that your scope is not very big.

That’s why this is a useful equatorial mount, which is not indeed the inexpensive mount you get from Orion. As the mount allows a moderate payload for the telescope and other tools like a camera, it’s ideal for small refractors.

No matter it has not made with an automated GoTo system, it comes with features of the tracking motor. As a result, it helps your scope deliberated on the target you primarily set it at.
Most importantly, it’s sturdy despite small in size and equipped with an equatorial mount, which is why it’s perfect for campouts and traveling.

For the same reason, it also has the capability of supporting small scopes. Due to its robust construction, it makes an excellent convenient tracking stage for superb astrophotography using an SLR or DSLR camera. Besides, its counterweight and slow-motion control cables are significant for manual tracking. Also, it helps you to do latitude adjustment and threaded adapter. So, this mount is equally suitable for the beginner and expert astrophotographers.

  • Perfect for beginner and expert astrophotographers
  • Automatic tracker for celestial objects
  • Easy to assemble with a telescope
  • Effortless to operate
  • Very lower payload capacity

Celestron Advanced VX Mount For Astrophotography

Celestron Advanced VX Computerized MountCelestron is a famous brand for telescopes and other tools, and this mount also gives you some goods reason for using. Its generous payload of 30lbs ups the game better than many other mounts of the similar price tags.

So, it’s still affordable in price and can be a good start for the beginner astrophotographers that have or aim to improve to a bulkier telescope. Although it weighs 47lbs that’s much heavier than the same priced mounts, it supports a large amount of payload.

Also, it can add a polar telescope and the exceptional NextStar controller that makes it worth investing in to get a high return of value. As it has a modernized industrial design, this mount offers more consistency and a smaller amount flexure that makes it perfect for astrophotography.

Made from the perspective of astroimaging, this mount from Celestron puts an innovative standard in mid-class telescopes. The mount offers lots of handy features that are available on the premium, stylish equatorial mounts. Indeed, it has exclusively designed to give you the best possible imaging for your smaller telescope. So, your small telescope is ready to get the advantage of autoguider support with natural polar alignment.

Thanks to its permanently digital error correction, you can track throughout longer exposures. You also can flawlessly image the most significant part of deep space as images of the meridian are not doing the flip of the extremity. Because of its more extensive base casting than its previous models, it improves stability under massive loads. Another great feature is its enhanced motors that provide more torque. So, it can deal with a slight load with ease. This mount is highly recommended accordingly.

  • Higher payload capacity
  • Suitable for beginner & intermediate astronomers
  • Upgradeable
  • Computerized error correction
  • Difficult to install

Orion EQ-1 Tabletop Portable Equatorial Mount

Orion 9055 Min-EQ Tabletop Equatorial Telescope MountLast but not least, the EQ-1 of Orion is an attractive equatorial mount that comes with a tripod to provide control and stable support for smaller astronomical telescopes.

With the capability of managing combinations of telescopes and their equipment, it can hold weighing about 7 lbs. The mount has a controller for slow-motion with 360-degree adjustment for the trouble-free manual discovery of outer space objects for wide-ranging viewing.

Also, it has an adjustable tripod that features center-pivoted leg supports for faster assemble and dissemble. Moreover, this mount includes a detachable high-walled tray for accessory to keep things like eyepieces and other elements you need for astrophotography.

Besides, it accepts an optional electronic drive for motorized celestial object tracking. As we already discussed that we don’t recommend using any smaller amount of other manufacturers because most of them just support telescopes with 7lbs of weight and have made without GoTo feature.

However, the EQ-1 from the Orion brand is an excellent mount to go after. Most notably, when you want to do a polar alignment with its lightened polar finder scope, the mount is flexible enough. Except for this, lots of useful features come with this mount.

And it comes with the function of the tracking motor even though it has not made with a computerized GoTo system. What’s more, it helps you can do latitude adjustment and threaded adapter. As a result, the mount is equally suitable for the beginner and expert astrophotographers. So, this mount is highly recommended accordingly.

  • Reasonably priced with the motor kit
  • Lightweight, compact, and sturdy
  • Slow-motion controller
  • Portable, suitable for camping
  • Very lower payload capacity

Buying Guide For The Best Mount For Astrophotography

When you want to get more out of the best scope mount for astrophotography, the buying guide is very useful. It’ll help know what features and factors you need to get with a mount for better astroimaging. Here are some of them:

  • Quality
    While taking astrophotographs is a crucial aspect, you should not underestimate the need for a high-quality mount. If your telescope comes with poorly mounted, this will be hard to get the best images out of even it’s an excellent telescope. In this case, the mount plays a vital role than the telescope itself for astrophotography. Indeed, you should have a solid mount that can hold your telescope robust and reliable way. As rigidity is correlated to the superiority of the structure, it usually linked to the mass and weights your mount. So, you should get a premium polar-alignment mount.
  • Type
    A very significant factor when you buy a mount for astrophotography is the type. Non-equatorial type of mount is the most common that allows moving the scope in two different axes. So, it becomes easier to point out in all directions. But, you should switch to automated altazimuth mounts for astrophotography. It’s because you’ll often get a camera tripod to apply this mount as its ideal for watching the planets ad other deep space objects.
  • Capacity
    You always need preparation for the upcoming when you’re choosing the first mount in terms of astrophotography. Economical equatorial mounts can hold your existing telescope as well as equipment stable. But, it’s not suitable for future upgrades. Astrophotography is somewhat addictive, so you may frequently find improving to the latest and powerful scope. In any case, expensive and high-quality mounts come with higher payload capacity. So, you should aim one that may double the load of your telescope and elements.


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  • Which Brand Or Mount Is Most Excellent For Astrophotography?

We suggest all of the above-reviewed mounts. But, the Orion Atlas Pro at number 2 is highly recommended for astrophotography.

  • Can An Equatorial Mount Good For Astrophotography?
    You must get a high-quality German-made equatorial mount for serious and astrophotography. That’s because it has gears motors, azimuth, and altitude adjustments for exact polar alignment.
  • How Does Equatorial Mount Work?
    An equatorial-type mount comes with a rotating axis similar to the rotation of the Earth’s axis. So, its design allows you to attach an instrument like a telescope or camera to continue set on an outer space object by motivating an axis at a stable speed.


It might be disappointing that we just reviewed two/ three brands like Celestron, Orion, and Sky-Watcher. But, they’re really great and handy among other brands. You’ll quickly realize the difference with others if you use any one of them. So, it’s time to get your preferred mount that meets your needs.

Enjoy astrophotography!

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