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Top 5 Best Telescope Under 2000 – Buyers Guide and Review 2020

Buying a telescope under $2000 is not a very tough thing, and anyone can do it from online or offline shops. But, it’s not enough to justify buying a telescope with extra eyepieces, tripods, and computerized GPS. There lots of things to consider before making any purchase. When it’s about the best telescope, the best optics must be included with that device. Otherwise, it’ll be nothing but a toy, which is not indeed a good thing that you’re looking for. No worries! Simply go through this entire content, and it’ll make everything clear from the most excellent products to the buying guide. Well, let’s get started!

5 Best Telescope Under 2000 in 2020


Meade Instruments LX90-ACF LX90 of Meade Instruments is an excellent choice under two thousand dollars. The telescope does not just provide incredibly astonishing results; it is also suitable for the novice and professional astronomers alike. Along with computerized GPS, this device comes with first-class optics. As a result, it allows you to align your target objects in deeper space.

That’s why somebody who never tried to align this device will be able to do it in no-time. It’s just possible with this fantastic model of the Meade Instruments that have to make things easier and faster for their users, and it requires only some presses on the button.

It helps you find your preferred objects into the automatic system with an extensive database of 30 thousand celestial objects like stars, planets, galaxies, and much more. The device automatically aligns with the help of its AutoAlign technology and GPS sensor with the desired object. It’s a very advanced system with the ability to track objects at night, even if moving. As this telescope runs by C-type batteries, you don’t need to look for additional power supplies.

The telescope’s primary tube is 8-inch in diameter that allows it to collect enough light to the mirror to view the most extended distant objects. You’ll get a right combination of premium optics with 26mm eyepiece. So, you’re guaranteed to view detailed, extremely bright, and sharp images. Coming with a tripod that’s rock solid and the foundation of the tripod is research-grade and field standard. Also, you can adjust the tripod’s height from 34-inch to 54-inch to make it comfortable to use and see the outer space.

  • Premium Optics
  • Computerized GPS
  • Easy to locate thousands of objects
  • Sturdy construction
  • Its price


Orion SkyQuest XT10G 10135 

Orion 10135Although the XT10G 10135 and XT10G 10136 of Orion look alike, the vital difference is at their aperture. No matter the XT10G 10135 comes with a 10-inch aperture, and the mirror of the telescope is a bit small. It can gather many lights to deliver brighter images that deserve a good position in this review list.

That means this is a strong candidate among any other telescopes in this list under two thousand dollars. Like the previous one, this device also has made with its computerized GPS. It’s an excellent choice for beginners and ideal for experts as well.

Also, it has an extensive database of 42 thousand celestial objects, including stars, planets, nebulae, galaxies, and more. All of these objects are easy to locate as they require just the button presses, and you’ll find one after another object in the mirror. A large number of accessories come with this device.

These include a Crayford focuser, Plossl eyepiece, collimation cap, eyepiece rack, and software pack of the Starry Night. That means you’re all set to automatically locate any objects with this reflector-type, GoTo, and full motorized telescope.

Besides, its large optics delivers clearer images of long distant celestial objects and closer look of the Moon and other planets. From GoTo motor to encoders and gears, all these things come with preset on its Dobsonian base. So, it’s not much difficult to assemble for the new users. Overall, XT10G 10135 is a very recommended product, and we give it 4.5 points out of 5. It’ll not let you down if you purchase the device.

  • Computerized GPS
  • Largest objects database
  • High-quality optics
  • Larger Mirror
  • Not included power supply.


Zhumell Z12 Reflector Telescope

zhumell Z12Viewing as far distant objects as possible should be the preferable feature of the telescopes under two thousand dollars. If it’s something that you’re seeking, the Zhumell Z12 is your best friend. It’s the telescope that exactly can meet your needs. Because of its 12-inch, giant parabolic mirror, it can capture a large number of essential lights. As a result, this is an exceptional choice to study outer space objects.

Even you’ll get a clear view of the distant galaxies using this powerful telescope. As this device has fixed on a sturdy and durable stand, it’s incredibly stable. That’s why the item is not just long-lasting; it’s also a fantastic device for your young children and adults who like to watch the beauty of the hidden, distant night sky.

The device comes with two different eyepieces with a multi-coat. One of them is a 30mm eyepiece that allows you to view a wider field while the other one is 9mm, and it’s suitable for higher magnification. The design of this telescope is unique to other products in the market, and there is no wonder that it has a high success among the new and amateur users.

It has all integrated into this ancestor of affordable and high-quality Dobsonian telescopes from its materials and accessories. In this case, the manufacturer has kept your money at the right place; it belongs in the optical system of the telescope with this Z Series. Apart from the optics of the device, the other things have designed with streamlined and straightforward. Because of its sturdy, durable construction, you’ll be able to use it for years to camping trips, star parties, and more.

  • First-class optics
  • Large Mirror
  • Extremely stable
  • Sturdy construction
  • Not included computerized GPS


Sky-Watcher Telescope

Sky-WatcherFor a long time, Dobsonian-style telescopes have offered astronomers and amateurs an excellent return for their investment using a big aperture on the simple design. For the better viewing experience, the larger aperture is always preferable when you like to watch celestial objects.

This collapsible designed model has solved the issue of transporting of the reflector telescope. That’s because of its unique patterned device with retractable steel-made struts. As a result, this model is easy to store as simple to transit when you need it.

So, this telescope is your perfect choice if you’re searching for a high-quality telescope with easy portability. Although this telescope has some different versions, this 12-inch model is the most preferable, among others. This model collects the most significant amount of light due to its large mirror with a cylinder.

With a longer 1500mm focal length and 2-inch Crayford focuser, this telescope is ready to deliver a stunning view of the deep space objects. So, you can get things an unbelievable 720X closer than its original location with this device. It’s mounted with a steady rocker mount that’s equipped with premium Teflon bearings. That’s why it provides unmatched efficiency while moving. As the mount has set with a nicely designed slipper clutch, it offers you a great combination of effortless movement with stability.

Among the accessories, the major ones include a RA viewfinder, four-element Plossl, and two eyepieces. These accessories are very vital for a brighter view of the long distant objects. The heart of this telescope is its observatory-level optical components that provide 94% reflectivity with minimal vignetting. So, you’ll get nothing wrong while choosing this telescope to meet your astronomical needs.

  • Highly portable
  • high-class optics
  • Exceptionally powerful magnification
  • Larger mirror
  • Not included computerized GPS


Orion StarBlast 6i 27191 Reflector Telescope

Orion StarBlast 6iFinally, we have another Orion product, which is as user-friendly as intelligent with its design. The telescope is all set to navigate the deeper space for beginners, amateurs, and professionals. With an automated object locator, this device offers you to find more than 14 thousands of celestial objects.

Its 150mm large parabolic-type mirror optics help you to discover the Moon and other planets with outer space objects. Because of its pre-assembled strong swivel base, you don’t need to experience further assembling issues. So, if you’re seeking a high-quality telescope at a reasonable price, this model is very much suitable for you.

The device is not just affordable in cost; it’s also perfect for all types of users, from beginners to experts.
Most importantly, you’ll get an excellent viewing experience of the whole thing. The things include from the celestial objects to Moon, such as Saturn, Jupiter, and more distant galaxies. Thanks to its 2-inch large focuser, it gives you a bright and detailed view of the objects.

So, it has nothing lack to make you astonished, and you’re ready to start your favorite astronomy right way. Some people find issues with their telescopes to align it properly to find the target. But, this product of Orion makes the process very easy for everybody. Overall, we recommend this StarBlast 6i, and it’ll not disappoint you if you buy the device.

  • Computerized target alignment
  • Perfect for outer space viewing
  • Excellent images
  • Extremely user-friendly
  • A bit tricky to assemble


Buying Guide For The Best Telescope Under $2000

There is considerable confusion when you’re going to buy the optimal telescope as a beginner. Lots of information you should take in. You’re entirely unknown what to do or who you can believe when you know astronomy terms very little or nothing. But, here are the ways of getting rescued from the issue. Just follow this buying guide and know what to look for while buying a telescope.

  • Size Of Mirror

Believe it or not, telescopes are the types of products that their size matters much. But, it doesn’t mean how lengthy or broad the device is. Indeed, it means the size of the mirror of your telescope, which is very important. If you choose a large primary mirror, it’ll be able to collect more light with its aperture. That’s why the image the device produces will be much brighter and more transparent while increasing its magnification to use some other sized eyepieces.

  • Solid Tripod

You can’t use a telescope without setting it on a base or tripod. You’ll get it very useful when you have a reliable, stable tripod. Some of the models come with flimsy and light types of tripods. As a result, it moves and even breaks when getting a little more pressure and weight. The issue does not just affect the image quality; it also makes things difficult to find out. So, you should give more importance to the reliable, stable, and consistent tripod.

  • Finder Scope

Ensuring a better finder scope or it’s best to get red dot finder when you’re purchasing a telescope. It’s a very crucial feature that makes it easy to locate celestial objects in the deeper space. You’ll find an infrared dotted point that helps align the target object while looking through the finder scopes. But, some others come with cross-hair marked.


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  • How Should I store A telescope?

When you need to store your telescope, it doesn’t need to separate its mount and optical tube. It just requires to store in a dry, clean, and dust-free atmosphere.

  • Should I Get Color Filters?

Yes, you should buy color filters as they help you to view celestial objects in detail.

  • Should I Buy A Motor Driver With The Equatorial Mount?

A motor driver is useful for astrophotography, and it also helps you to get a better visual observation. Moreover, a RA motor driver helps you to keep your aimed object in the middle.

  • What Is The Best Mount For A Telescope?

You should get the latest alt-azimuth mounting if you like to just use for the land purpose. However, the equatorial type of mount is a better choice if you want to use it for astronomical uses.


The deep space objects are hardly viewable to the opened eye as they locate very far off from the world. In this case, the best telescopes come in the play. You can discover the better details and view things that other people never see if you have a premium telescope. Also, you’ll not get any wrong if you choose anyone from our review list.

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