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Celestron Omni XLT 150 Review & Buying Guide [2020]

Celestron 21088 Omni XLTWith an exceptional smart look, the Celestron Omni XLT 150 is as a sleek as a short focal length refractor telescope. The device comes with a contemporary style on the standard equatorial Newtonian mounted. Buying this item means you get a better aperture, sturdy mount, astrophotography capability, high value, and a large viewing field.

Indeed, this tool is everything in a single package that entertains you for years. So, if you’re seeking a telescope for capabilities and conveniences, this one is your right fit. Because of its well-defined design, it provides many besides and fronts in terms of giving users what they need. Well, let’s know what more perks in the box are in wait for you.

Celestron Omni XLT 150 Review


An Outstanding Mount!

The proprietary CG-4 mount of the device helps you locate your desired objects by allowing you to dial in the coordinating stars. These coordinates consist of the right ascension as well as declination that are available on the chart of the star, online, and software like TheSky.

It’s not just comfortable and faster to set up without using any additional tools; it also effortless to adjust when it needs to shift from one spot to another. You have options to unlock its levers that are on the Dec or RA axis to get more significant and sweeping movements. Also, you can choose the slow-motion controlling button to make it slower to measure movements.

What Reflector!

The reflector of this telescope comes with a 6-inch diameter that has made from high-quality optics. So, you’ll enjoy sharp, bright, high-definition images with your family for a long time. Its 2-inch focuser with Crayford-style grasps the eyepiece that’s the window to connect with the outer space realm. You can move its focuser very smoothly in/out by rotating the jumbo focus knobs.

It has eyepieces with secure and fast-changing capabilities that ensure changing its viewing field and magnification as per your need. The device has a 6X30 finderscope that site on the tube of the optic is easy to access. As a result, it gives you better assistance when you need to zero in any object. After aligning its finder, it’s all set to use searching for the center of the target at lower power.

Sturdy Tripod

Beyond the box, its tripod is pre-assembled, which is not just sturdy, but also extremely functional. With a diameter of 1.75-inch, the tripod has made of stainless steel. You can also adjust the height of its legs to set the device at the right viewing angle.

The tray of accessory remains between the legs of the tripod to get more stability and support. Also, it’s an excellent spot to keep your additional eyepieces while you’re not using them.

Stargazing In Style

As you already know that it’s a refractor type telescope sits on a pivot and mount. It has a tube that’s thick and short in form instead of the long, narrow tube, unlike its other competitors. The device’s outer style has a blend of white and black without any odd manner at all. Its basic look is impressive that makes a great impression in the room and the whole thing within its reach.

Most features of the device are incredibly comfortable with very few or no annoying options. So, you can guess it to get an improved point of view than many other older styles of telescopes. Also, you can watch the sky wherever you like to bring it from because of its portability.

Higher Durability

Apart from getting a great way of enjoying deep space in style, this device is extremely durable. It means that you can use the tool for years without the issues of breaking or cracking. Although it has not tested the breakage level itself, it’ll not fall on the type device that breaks very soon into two or more pieces.

The item has built in a way that prevents lenses more than many other models. Also, you’ll get the better mount that has fixed with its tripod that holds down stuff well regardless of flat on bumpy surfaces. That’s why it’ll deliver you the expected performance if you take the proper care.

Best Value Of Money

The price of the telescope is indeed a bit tough to swallow because it has made with no reading materials, mechanisms, or software. Despite this rearward, this device has plenty of handy features that offer the best return of the money with great value. The most stunning one is its durability that’s matchless.

Also, you’ll get the right amount of the unit with its power along with tripod and mount that have equal value. These most probably have become the norm while buying a telescope. That’s why the device’s current price is not very high, while some of the models just have stolen or bargained without any standard of quality.

Lasting Appeal

Getting this telescope means you’re all set to use it for years without any necessary upgrade. Even it may last for decades if you take proper care. It’s because the device is super durable that we knew earlier. In any case, it’ll be extremely long-lasting than many other models out in the market right now.

So, you’re all set to use it with lasting appeal for years to decades, even without superior characteristics of the higher tier telescopes. Also, it’s not the type of telescope that needs to upgrade very soon, meaning you have not to stress to use it to maintain the quality and performance.

  • Extremely durable
  • High-quality parts
  • German-made equatorial mount
  • High-definition image
  • Better light transmission
  • High images even in lower light
  • Very expensive
  • Too heavy



Despite a bit expensive and more cumbersome, the Celestron Omni XLT 150 is an excellent telescope with decent aperture, more robust mount, the high value of money, and astrophotography capability. That means the device provides everything in a single package to consider for you and your family to use for years. Also, because of its portability, you can watch the sky wherever you like to bring it from.

If you take the proper care, it’ll deliver you the expected performance. So, it’s your right fit if you’re searching for a telescope for potential and services. Most importantly, it’ll give you many features and options that you ask from it. As a result, its price is not very higher if you compare it in terms of features with other models.

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