Orion SkyQuest XT10 Telescope

Orion XT10 Review & ultimate guide [2020]

Purchasing the cheaper telescopes is a prevalent issue with people fond of astronomy. Then they become disappointed when they try to see through the outer space with it. But, the Orion SkyQuest XT10 will not get you to let down with the first-class product. Here we will discuss the Orion  XT10 Review.

It’s a reputed brand, so you’ll be enjoying it for years. Although some brands have their useful items that suit the newbies, the SkyQuest a bit unique with Dobsonian style that makes it accessible. As a famous brand, Orion has produced this item with more reliability and improved design. So, let’s know what the features this device is coming with to make it standalone.

Orion XT10 Review


Orion 8946 SkyQuest XT10 Classic Dobsonian TelescopeUnique Features That Make It Stand Out
The XT10 SkyQuest Telescope is ideal for beginner and expert astronomers with an excellent quality of aperture. Its manufacturer is very experienced in making a great telescope. As a result, it’s famous worldwide, and many users depend on it without thinking about it twice.

Indeed, the Orion SkyQuest is a type of scope that’s perfect for first-time users, with the capability to practice information quickly. No matter this is not a motorized telescope, it works right to educate novices to help them locating stars on themselves.

It’s a handy device for hobbyists and fans of astronomy. With a similar design to its smaller, this item is the biggest non-automated black-tube telescope.

  • Crayford Focuser

The SkyQuest has featured with a two-inch Crayford focuser along with a removable adapter. It allows you to use two different types of eyepieces, including 1.25-inch and 2-inch. Thus, its focusing mechanism ensures you all flexibility with accurate smoothly without backlash and flexure. Thanks to its précised and controlled focus, you’ll get a fantastic view of the deep space.

  • Large Aperture

When we talk about its aperture, it’s another stunning feature of this device. It’s because the opening of the telescope is large enough with a 10-inch length. It comes with a combination of the eyepiece with 25mm Plossl. As a result, it gives an extraordinary sight of the deep space owing to the vast light it collects. The device allows you to enjoy viewing local space sights and many objects of the deep sky.

  • Point & View

You already know the Skyquest is a telescope of Dobsonian style. It means although it’s a bit heavier in size, you can use it with ease with anyone with age more than 12. It just requires setting up to the point where you desire to view the sky.

Also, it’s straightforward to set up and use that needs nothing to assemble, unlike some other models that require experts to do the job. Among other handy features, the major one is its clear and bright view of images that you like to discover.

  • Eyepiece & System

Along with a 1.25-inch eyepiece of Orion’s proprietary Sirius Plossl style delivers 48 sharp views thanks to its Dobsonian. Also, it has a broader view of the apparent field. So, it offers you brighter, crispy images that will impress you for sure. Moreover, it’s potential to get bigger the exaggeration by getting additional eyepieces with different focal lengths.

Besides, this model uses a great balance with a traction system that makes sure to stay the device wherever you need. That’s why it’s always balanced to provide you fantastic images of outer space. Also, this system keeps it away from wavering out the point you set for this device.

  • Get The New Level Of Observation

Using the Skyquest means you’re taking your astronomical experience to the next new levels. Thanks to its 10-inch, giant parabolic-style primary mirror, it’s capable of collecting lots of light. Thus, you’ll be able to view more objects through this model than you may find with some smaller ones.

Moreover, the big mirror of this telescope provides remarkably splendid views because of its higher contrast. With a sleek black polish, the device has equipped with a blend of handy accessories. These accessories include dust caps, focusers, eyepiece, reflex sight, and collimation cap. Also, it offers you a copy of Starry Night software with the device.

As it’s able to collect a large amount of light, this telescope is suitable for more precise viewing of objects. These objects include star clusters galaxies, nebulas, and the closer views of the other planets like the. Due to its two different eyepieces, it’s perfect for astrophotography.

  • Ease of Movement

Of course, the Skyquest is a giant telescope with a big mirror that requires a better maintaining task to get the optimum results. Indeed, this is a device with 1-inch wide, 30lbs of weight, and 4-foot long. Although it looks like a giant, you can detach it from its base into different parts.

It’s healthy but very bulkier. So, it would help if you considered how you’d manage it when you need to shift it from one place to another. In any case, you’ll not like to carry it any stairs because of its extra weight. That’s why it’s better to store it up where you use it, such as a garage or shed.

  • Unpacking & Assembly

As you have learned, the device is more substantial, it comes in two different boxes. Among the boxes, one contains its optical tube along with other accessories. And the other one comes with its Dobsonian base that’s preassembled. It would help if you were a bit more cautious when you’re going to open the boxes.

Check whether all parts have included, and there are no small parts. You’ll find a user’s manual to assemble the telescope. It has described with the steps to make it simple to follow and do. That means it’s not tough to join by following the given instructions.

  • Quite straightforward to assemble & use
  • Simple to transport for its size
  • Comparatively reasonable price
  • Ideal for the first-timer
  • Amazing optics with a larger aperture
  • Perfect for astrophotography
  • Not adequate accessories
  • Mirror gets dust and starches.


Bottom Line

The Skyquest is a Dobsonian-style telescope that’s undeniably one of the best products of the renowned brand. All types of users will get the pleasure of it from beginners to experts. But, the most stunning feature of the device is that it’s straightforward to operate by any age group people. You’ll not get wrong if you buy this item because its 10-inch aperture will deliver a more transparent view of the deep space objects anywhere in the sky. That means it’ll bring a high return of money, so it’s worth investing in.

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